Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Australian Shiraz I DID NOT Score 89-92 Points

You might think that I've got into a rut scoring Syrah-Shiraz, because my scores always seem to be between 89-92 points, but I think I've just been fortunate to have tried good Syrah-Shiraz; however, like Zinfandel wines, I stumbled upon some not as good, and reported honestly as I saw it.

These four Australian wines were somewhat of a disappointment to me, and I doubt that I would want to buy them again (You never know).

Nine Stones Barossa 2009 Shiraz, $11.60, 84 points, was a bit thin and did not breathe well.

Lehmann Barossa 2006 Shiraz, $18.99, 86 points, was okay just not enough there to reach that QPR for me, however the Clancy's Red was, but that's for another review.

d'Arenberg The Footbolt 2008 Shiraz, $14.99, 86 points, was big and velvety, paired well with dessert, but I just did not enjoy this wine with two different steaks, and as a stand-alone, I found it wanting.

Layer Cake 2008 Shiraz, $15.00, 86 points, was interestingly complex and spicy, but off-flavor-hints of something I couldn't put my finger on diminished my enjoyment of this wine; Other Layer Cake wines I was very pleased with.

Extreme commentary:
You need to remember that this is a very competitive market, and I advise you to try different wines to find exactly what you like and how much you want to pay, and not to be satisfied with what I or others tell you is good Shiraz or any other wine, but you should know that there are quality wines at reasonable prices (In this case Shiraz) that will complete your wine drinking enjoyment; part of my enjoyment is the exploration. Yesterday a friend told me she did not like Australian Shiraz. If the Australian Shiraz she tasted were any of the four I just 
mentioned, or all of them, I don't blame her.

As you can see by the picture (Right) I have a long ways to go in my exploration.


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