Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Hampshire Wine Advocate? Commentary! Read At Your Own Risk!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
New Hampshire Wine Advocate? Commentary!
I've considered this commentary for several days now, and I feel that I should say something, even though some might not like it.
I was reading this morning (Wednesday) about the 2007 Acorn Zinfandel, and the price was $38.99 at this nice fashionable wine boutique.
Well, I'm conflicted; I like small wine-shops and I have bought wine at the unmentioned wine boutique, but I also owe my readers the best advocacy I can, and here is an example:  regular price of $32.99 now on sale for $29.99. That's a whopping $9.00 less; if I send my son out to pick-up a bottle of 2007 Acorn Zin for his friend, I wouldn't send him there, and why would I send anyone else there? I might send him there for something else.

Well, I'm not naming any names (If you are a savvy NH wine lover, you'll know of whom I'm speaking and where I read this), but I will tell my readers, as I see it, the best possible price on a wine I can find, whether I find it at Hannafords, Market basket, Bella Vino's, even the dreaded NHLS, or wherever.
What a wine enthusiast needs to keep in mind, is sometimes a wine will be difficult to find, and or might only be located at some small boutique; that's different. Also, you maybe there buying something else and pick-up, out of convenience, a wine that can be purchased for less at some other store . That is their edge in this difficult world of NH wine, like buying a six-pack at the corner store. I have ordered wine from a boutique and paid up to $15.00 more for that wine, but I'm not going to advise my readers to pay more for a wine they have not made any-kind of commitment to purchase (I did pay $15.00 more for a wine I ordered at a boutique when I did not know it was going to be available at the reduced price in another store), and  I don't know all wines available and their prices, and maybe the author of the article didn't know either; Maybe he should have, but if he did, he is not looking-out for your wallet.
However, $9.00 is a considerable sum of money, and unless you live next door, I'm inclined to spend my $29.99 at the State Liquor Store, though esthetically not as pleasing.
I have not been  paid by anyone to tell you this, but I must admit that I feel cheated when I pay more than I should have.
I have gotten no free wine, and as of today, I have not advertised for anyone; this blog has been for fun and education.
I have no vendetta toward anyone, nor do I wish to take away any advantage some wine boutique is seeking, I think that was made clear in my posts and good-will comments made about a number of boutiques and stores I have visited and bought wine from.
This wine blog is about advocacy as I see it, and this week, Mr. John  Doe (knowingly or not) led NH wine lovers astray, and I, for one, will hold him here accountable.
Dennis Tsiorbas
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  1. Comment on my commentary: has this wine for $25.99, the Winery has it for $32.00, and the highest price (Not John Doe's)I could find was $35.99, now is that insulting?
    "The love of money is the root of evil." Even among wine-buddies.

  2. (Reference)Wed. Aug. 31
    Is this really wine "advocacy"? The person I've been referring to, does it again: (2007 Yering Station Pinot Noir, $26.99 (Buy at the same Nashua wine shop), 92 points)? Cellar Tracker has it at 85-91 points on the front page.
    Using a News Paper as a medium to advocate, ostensibly, not for the reader, but who knows what????
    I bought this wine for ($14.44 NHLS 33) and scored this Pinot 88 points.
    see my review at:

    More info here:

  3. Well, the wine 'advocate' in the NH U.Leader has done it again: Ninety Plus Cellars Lot #37 McLaren Vale 2010 Shiraz 91 points!?!
    I would be very happy to hear from people (Not affiliated with Mr.B or his friends) just how they liked or not this wine. As for me, it's like saying it's partly cloudy on a rainy day; can't take his recommendations seriously anymore, sorry!