Sunday, August 14, 2011

WhiteHall Lane 2009 Sauvignon Blanc Leap-Frog's Leap

$16.99-$18.99, 92 points, has a typical lemon/lime color, but the aroma! With early morning sea-breezes that bring back memories of Rye-beach, this Sauvignon Blanc stands alone (So Far) in that respect. Ethan (my son) had that too but with hints of lemon/thyme, and Ben (anonymous) began the flavors with grape-tomato frizz. We all noted a very long finish: Ethan had gentle sweetness coming back, and I had hints of ginger and pear, but overall, we were impressed by the complexity and balance. Ethan scored it 93 points, and Ben 96 points. This was a blind tasting.

Frog's Leap Napa Valley 2009 Sauvignon Blanc,
$18.99-$21.99, 90 points, had a different aroma of pink grapefruit and old lemon grass. The color is light-golden/lime.
Flavors began with Ben who hinted at wet concrete and sage, while Ethan had a minty orange and tangerine. I had smooth mature White grapefruit, not as crisp as the St. Supery, but mellower and creamier.
Ethan scored the Frog's Leap 87 points, and Ben had it at 88 points.
QPR becomes an issue, but die-hard Frog's Leap fans, will no doubt, continue buying.


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  1. Dennis, great review and thanks for the shoutout. Really enjoyed the blind tasting, hoping for another again soon. The whitehall was the clear leader of the three we tried. I'd love to try it again after my sinuses clear up, maybe I'll notice some more complex notes ! Give it a few days. Wouls love to pair a couple of these next time as well, bring on the scallops!

  2. Dennis, Ethan and Ben, Thanks so much for taking the time to blind taste the sauvignon blancs. Whitehall Lane appreciates the tasting notes from all of you. Our favorite dish with Whitehall Lane's Sauvignon Blanc is a spicy Thai salad with prawns. The SB really stands up to the spices.
    I hope you don't mind that I posted a link to your blog on Whitehall Lane's FB page.
    I'm glad that I found your blog because I am also a fan of great photography!
    Cheers, Katie Leonardini

  3. Katie, thanks for the visit. This blog has two main purposes: fun and help (perceived or otherwise) to NH wine lovers, so the link is great.
    You got me visiting you web-site, which is very interactive and fun too.
    As for the picture, (Thanks) I doubt that there's any competition from mine with those sharks, WOW!
    Just in case you're interested, last year I rated your 2005 Merlot as best "Merlot wine-gift" under $30 dollars:

  4. Hi Den,
    I saw your photographs under your blog spot. They are absolutely beautiful!
    Thank you for checking out our website. I hope our FB link brought you some new followers in NH and beyond!
    I'm glad you've discovered our Merlot as well. It may be my favorite varietal at Whitehall Lane. The under $30 price point for a great merlot is hard to beat.
    Take care, Katie Leonardini