Friday, March 23, 2012

Twenty Rows Napa Valley 2010 Sauvignon Blanc

Twenty Rows Napa Valley 2010 Sauvignon Blanc, $14.99-$19.99, 91 points, is a wine recommended to me by. . .Claire, Bill, I forget, but I finally found one, and instantly I'm a fan.
This Sauv-Blanc is not complex, and I doubt you'll need to be a oenophile to dissect the delicious soft and creamy lemon-meringue/ginger ale light experience. Having a medium body, a consistent flavor cold to warm, and finishing on that ginger ale. Pairing nicely with Filet of Sole, Cheddar and Water crackers, makes for a lovely 87 degree March afternoon meal.
"The rest of the story"  is its color of faintest lime, and an aroma to die for: floral-candied lemon with just a hint of lime, and an unnoticeable alcohol content of 13.4%.


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  1. D,

    Their Cabernet is all over down here and looks like a serious wine from Napa. Big, heavy bottle, huge punt, and it's likr $18. For some reason, I haven't pulled the trigger. Have you previously guinea pigged this for me? :)


  2. Dr. John, I've not seen the Cab. or Merlot, but after my enjoyment of this, I'd grab anything from them. Also, I've not come across much on the internet, I think Cellar tracker had only one review (I didn't read it). SH didn't have one that I could find, but either Bill or Claire know, and when they read your request I'll bet that one of them will have some glowing comment.
    I just walked in the door with another bottle of their Sauv-Bl; it's been hot (I wilt) so I'm going 'white'.

  3. "it's been hot (I wilt) so I'm going white."

    Tell me about it. You must not have seen my latest. :)

  4. Can't take credit for the recommendation as I'm not familiar with this label. Might be Claire. But I'll keep an eye out for it.

    Any Sauvignon Blanc review that DOESN'T include the words "cat pee," "grass" or "bell pepper" sounds good to me.