Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hullabaloo 2008 Lodi Zinfandel Is A Bit Of A Hollow Holler

Hullabaloo 2008 Lodi Zinfandel, $14.60-$21.00, 86 points, began our tasting a bit cool (53 degrees) with an over-ripe-melon aroma that morphed into a more pleasant and grape-like aroma at room temperature. Having a burgundy color, this medium bodied wine had fair acidity and moderate tannin, the flavors of licorice and a hint of coffee made for an interesting  "Red Table Wine", though almost devoid of a finish; as a Zinfandel this Hullabaloo falls short, but as a Red Wine, this Zin wasn't bad at all, not a note-worthy, nor an offensive Zin. The label says that the Hullabaloo is 14.9% alcohol, but you would never have noticed as the alcohol was well integrated into the wine structure.
At the original price this was not a buy, but the sale price makes the Hullabaloo an okay purchase.
This is another wine that I could only find at Hannaford's supper market, but if you are interested, I would call ahead for availability; I know That Todd still has some, as of this morning, at the Londonderry store.


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