Monday, March 14, 2011

List Of : Viva The Market Vintners (Sells or makes wine)

People Who make Wine Fun
  I've mentioned a number of individuals in the business of selling wine who have made wine so much fun and interesting; people like Paula, Mimi aka. MWYGDS, and Todd, but I hadn't thought just how important these and other "Clerks", or now known as "Wine-Jerkers" are, until today.
   It, sadly, took me sometime to realize that our society's tendency to treat clerks as if they were robots or at least inconsequential, had affected me too.
   So, for good or ill, I'm going to post first names (Usual rule) of those "Wine Jerkers" who have made my day or should be commended by employers or just themselves for being exceptional at what they do.

   So here is a list of recent "Vintners" who fit that category:
Maura-Hannafords, Hanover St.
Keith-NHLS, Hanover St.
Cheryl, NHLS, Bedford
Penny and Roy, NHLS, Hooksett
Christi-NHLS, North Hampton
Jay-NHLS Nashua-Coliseum Dr.
Lisa-NHLS Store #33* Now is Manager of the Bedford NHLS, is talented enough to steer you in the right direction, and friendly enough to make your shopping fun too!
Paul-manager NHLS 93North
Tanya NHLS-Concord (Downtown)
Italian Dave-you know who you are!
Jim from Rte. 93 North

Angie and Sarah (NHLS headquarters), it's been a long time since I've added a choice for a person I'd want to send a Newbie wine taster to for advice, but Angie at NHLS 93 So. is a person someone who has some idea of what's what with wine, but her smile makes all the difference; thanks Angie!

Thanks you guys for being the BEST at what you do.

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