Sunday, April 24, 2011

Molly Dooker Australian Shiraz Is Rich And Smooth At All Three Price Points

My guess is that you got it from my last posting: I loved  the Mollydooker Carnival Of Love 2007 McLaren Vale Shiraz 94 points, but that awful price is just too much? (2009 Velvet Glove Shiraz $196.99 not in my price range) Well there is a number of ways to look at this, but I want to focus on these other two Molly Dooker Shiraz wines that give a similar feel, flavor, and power and at a reduced price.

Mollydooker Blue Eyed Boy 2009 McLaren Vale Shiraz, $49.99-$52.99, 93 points, begins with its dense Shiraz purple color, and wows you with aromas of cinnamon, clove, and cherry; the aroma is more pronounced than the Carnival Of Love 2007 Shiraz. The Tannins are enormous (2009 could be cellared for some time to tone them down.), the feel is silky smooth and rich, yet not as supple or as elegant as the Carnival Of Love, and having a slightly diminished finish,  but plum and licorice are outstanding companions of this big-smashing Shiraz.

Mollydooker The Boxer 2009 McLaren Vale Shiraz, $29.99-$32.99, 90 points, continues the color of the others, the aroma is sweeter and fruitier, and The Boxer retains most of the flavor and feel of the more expensive Carnival Of Love and Blue Eyed Boy, but suffers a hint of bitterness which bites, but is more pronounced in many lesser Australian Shiraz wines. This is still an expensive wine and that bite hurts the QPR (See Index-of-reviewed-wines under Australian wines for comparison).
The Boxer's alcohol  (16%) is more noticeable and gives considerable heat, but is oddly the same as the others. This is still a very good Shiraz, and if you want a feel for Molly Dooker but don't want to go hungry, this one will do, but The Boxer too has the big Tannins and could use some time in the cellar.

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