Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ridge Lytton West 2005 Syrah Leaves A Dry Creek impression

Ridge Lytton West 2005 Syrah, $26.49-$35.99, 92+ points, began, for me, with a grape-attack aroma edged with sweet-oak-spice (mellow hints of clove), cherry and blackberry.
Lytton West has good acidity, and firm, but tame tannins. Having a creamy smooth ( Natural-Malolactic-fermentation ) medium-body, this Syrah finishes long with B&W pepper on a mild plum medium.
Overall, this is a silky and elegant wine, and though it has 14.5% alcohol, you will hardly notice it (except if you drink the whole bottle in a sitting).
I paired this Syrah with smoked ham, and unlike a number of Zinfandel wines, it complimented dark raspberry chocolate.

Ridge has fitted their bottle with one of the most informative back-labels I've seen; good job, and I wish other wineries would be so helpful.
One web-site had 25 reviews that rated this wine from 84-95 points; most were approximately 91 points.


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