Monday, December 12, 2011

Covey Run 2006 Semillon Ice Wine and Ricardo Santos 2009 Semillon White Wine

Semillon as a dessert wine, an aperitif, or as a White wine for fish, oysters, shrimp, or other sea-food meals; I had this with cod and scallops.

Covey Run Semillon Ice Wine,
 $22.99-$25.99, 90 points, was surely an amazement: dessert itself without being too sweet or too cloying, having a rich flavor of sugared peach cobbler. Some would suggest drinking this with savory meats, and others with desserts, but this is one to taste; I enjoyed this with cashew-powered cookies, but I mostly enjoyed this by itself.
The color is harvest amber gold, the texture is light, but robust, and the aroma is citrus.

Ricardo Santos 2009 Semillon Mendoza, Argentina,
$13.49-$15.49, 87 points, has a very strong complex aroma, there is orange and lemon, but there is some nondescript odor which reminds me of sweat (Not altogether bad if you think in terms of your lover), and even a hint of fig.
The color is a pale yellow, and the texture is lush without being viscus.
The flavor is warm (Though the wine was 40-50 degrees) and approachable; it reminded me of a Sauvignon Blanc blended with a rich Chardonnay.
This is an interesting wine; I found myself going back and forth trying to decide just how I felt about it. Ambivalence is not the right word, because there's just too much here, too many layers of flavor and aroma to dismiss.

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  1. Very cool. I had no idea Ricardo Santos made a dessert wine. I didn't even know anyone in Argentina grew Semillon! (Love the Santos Malbec.)

  2. Bill, it's funny that you say that about the Malbec, I loved that first too, and when I saw the semillon a few months later(Signed),I grabbed it. Though I wouldn't say it is a dessert wine, more a food white wine.
    The Covey Run is a different story, but some similarities.

  3. Shame on me and my reading comprehension. I thought both wines were ice wines/dessert wines. I see now that it's a dry Semillon. I need to see if this is available in Kansas.

  4. And.......damn.

    Not carried by the distributor who represents R. Santos in Kansas.