Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bonny Doon Santa Maria Valley Bien Nacido 2007 Syrah

Bonny Doon Santa Maria Valley Bien Nacido 2007 Syrah, $34.84-$40.99, 90 points, is a California Syrah I've waited to taste again for a year now, and this too does not disappoint. This was my second tasting of this wine (Dec.10, 2010 First tasting), and I think I liked it just a bit better with more than a year's bottle age.
The color is deep purple with magenta, the aroma is very fruity reminiscent of a very good Merlot, but with some florality, the medium body carries a considerable amount of black and blue fruit with hints of plum and subtle hibiscus. The Bien Nacido finishes fair on white pepper. 
This is a very different Syrah from the Shane, and maybe more food friendly; we tasted the Bien Nacido with a vegetable chicken pie, while we had the Shane with spiced-rubbed lamb rib chops with sweet snow peas in spiced olive-oil.


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  1. Wow. Couple of NICE Syrahs lately, huh?

    If we ever cross paths, I know what we're drinking!

  2. Bill, it certainly is fun to think that way, but if that's the case the wine should be my chore as you "slave" in the kitchen;-)Must be nice when the wineries just pop those bottles in the mail and send them "your" way!

    Claire, if you're out there in the ether, were you watching dyslexic-me construct my blog post yesterday? "Stana" lft dat uot mi kifts orn Cistmus. Of course you don't have to answer that; stupid me.

    1. Here I am!

      You made 2 great choice, in my opinion - Bonny Doon & Bien Nacido. For some reason, I seem to love the Bien Nacido vineyard.

      Dennis - you kill me.