Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Arabella South Africa 2010 Merlot

Arabella South Africa 2010 Merlot, $12.52-$13.91, 83 points, appeared bright ruby, but met the glass wall a bit cloudy with pomegranate red and a clear rim.
The aroma began with an offensive barnyard smell (screw-cap), but that didn't carry completely over into the flavor profile, which was primarily plum with some not quite ripe mulberry.
Texturally mildly smooth on a medium body with good acidity and mild tannin.
Finished on its one dimensional characteristics and a bit jammy with just a hint of heat (14% alcohol).


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  1. So did you think the barnyard was Brett?

    1. Vinogirl, I wish you could tell me! Without a LAB test I wouldn't say!