Monday, August 2, 2010

Moving away from ZZZs to Tip for the Frugal

Beringer Merlot Founders Estate. New Hampshire Liquors and Wines

Can be found in most NH markets as well.

Yes, this is your tip. When you just want a good red wine, easy to drink, but not too obviously a mass manufactured libation, then take my word for it: this is the one. If you prefer a bit more bite try the Beringer Cabernet Svgn Founders Est.

I have done a blind tasting on this wine and could not tell the difference with two more expensive wines by Beringer. I heard that neither could 50 professional wine tasters (Sommelier). My wife only drinks these two Estate wines, and with good reasons.

Now the price is near perfect: $6.49-$7.99


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