Monday, October 4, 2010

Kunde Biting Zin-Zoo

This is my first corked wine, so all comments are subject to doubt.
Having given this disclaimer, I proceed.
2004 Kunde Family Estate Zinfandel was an immediate disappointment, having an aroma of an old shoe and a bite that put my teeth on edge.
Quickly I adjusted to the smell, but the taste was just too sharp for me, though it did not bother my wife.

After soaking the wine in polyethylene (plastic rap) the aroma became somewhat dull, but the flavor may have been mentally stuck in my mind.

Though I did drink the Zin, I did not enjoy it much, and will have a hard time trying another.
This is a time when going to a wine tasting is a big plus, and could occasion a retry.
I give no score, but will hold my opinion for another time.
Cost was $19.19

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