Friday, July 1, 2011

Ridge Wines And Consistency 2007 Lytton Springs Through The Lens

Ridge Lytton Springs 2007 Red Wine 71% Zinfandel, (22% Petite Sirah, 7% Carignane) $29.74-$34.99, 92 points, is amazingly constant and consistent within the family of Ridge Dry Creek Valley wines, having an aroma of memories, aromas of autumn earth and wood, of fresh baked sweet spiced pie, of grape jelly, BlackBerry, and a hint of cigar.
Early palate lush to mid-palate tame-tannins, and a finish long and filled with wonderful flavors of licorice, plum, black and cayenne pepper. When I said "sweet" that sweetness is carried over and on the tip of my tongue enticing and appealing to the sweet-tooth I have, but with the near perfect balance of this wine, that sweetness is almost subconscious.
As with the previous wine (Toad Hollow), this one too is dark magenta in color, but the similarity ends there. The Ridge is twice the money, but three-times the wine. These kinds of judgments are "hard", but everyone has their opinions, and mine can be quite strong; here, I'd rather have this Ridge twice in one week than the other every night, but if I'm having a barbecue and friends over, then I'm going to be a "Toad".


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