Friday, February 15, 2013

Gallo Sonoma County 2008 Pinot Noir


Gallo Sonoma County 2008 Pinot Noir, $3.49-$10.99, 88 points, reflects the archetype Burgundy red color with a broad transparent rim.

The aroma strikes with strident toasty floral red cherry, alcohol (13.9%), and a hint of cedar.

More a medium-plus body, of good acidity and underlying tannin, than many Pinot Noir wines I've tasted, more Zinfandel-like with jam-like fruit, cherry and plum among them, but add the finish of long-lasting hot spices makes this difficult to pin-down in a blind tasting.

The $3.49 price was a computer-pricing error, but even at the sale price of $8.99, how, for a large gathering, can this pretty good wine be beat? In a time of inflation (There are good buys to be had) this wine at this price is what can save a wedding-party for example, considerable expense while being satisfying.


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