Monday, July 7, 2014

Noble Vines {1} 2011 Red Blend

Noble Vines {1} 2011 Red Blend, $11.99-$14.99, no rating*, but as of today CT had an average score of 83.3 points.
Began in the glass as a bright ruby with some bricking just before the broadly transparent circumferential ring.
Not being a chemist and drinking this wine after the Insignia, I hesitate with declaring the "1" wine flawed, but showing smells that were rubber-like ("The Fresno odor"?), barnyard order (typical of Brettanomyces), and prune (a sure sign that somewhere this wine was over heated) leaves little room for just saying I didn't like this wine at all. What is amazing is having all of these ostensible flaws together. I did let the wine sit overnight and did use a copper penny which helped to make the wine almost drinkable, and even showing some fair spice in the finish.
Overall, the near full body carried fair acidity and mild tannin along with flavors of cherry syrup and prune.
Finally finished on the same notes as the palate with a hint of the 13.5% alcohol.

* Winefolly A Tutorial on Wine Faults


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