Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cade Winery Howell Mountain Napa Valley California

was our next five star winery to visit,
to experience, and that we did.
We had our charming (beautiful, vivacious, and intelligent) hostess who I'll refer to as "Sally", she showed us the ropes so-to-speak, only in this case it was a cave, a young employee racking the wine, and Sally serving us hors-d'oeuvres with some fabulous wines.
We had two other parties with us: "J" the chef and his right hand David.
We also were accompanied by the wise gray-haired lover and his elegant wife with their warm smiles and learned comments.
Much of this kind of experience is the people you'll meet!

There's more to this screw-cap than meets the eye; specifically that it was on Cade's massive and full-bodied 2012 Cabernet Reserve, $185.00, 95 points from me. This Cabernet had complexity and a satin texture, fruit, coffee, mulling herbs, cedar, and nuance; it was heads and shoulders above the Howell Mountain or the Napa Valley Cabs, pricy, but worth the occasional indulgence.

Apocalyptic Oasis (Cade Cave)
is where I'd want to be when the bombs begin to fall.
Without my tripod it's impossible for me to give you the spacious and impressive sense of its grandeur.

Since the Cade Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
(Sally generously poured two bottles of this wine)
so over-shadowed the other reds, I only have one more comment on the wines we tasted there, and that was the Cade Napa Valley 2014 Sauvignon Blanc, $30, 91 points, was typically higher-end Cali crisp, citrus, and refreshing.

If the first impression of Kuleto was "Rustic" then Cade's was "Futureistic" and modern.
If Sally would like the world to see her whole portrait
all she'll have to do is tell me and I'll give you the rest of the photograph above (Hollywood will want her), but until then this will have to do (just a hint of her poise and presence).
The four of us came away with similar feelings and judgments!


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  1. VG: I tried to delete in a different format one of your appreciated but doubled comments of "fun" review, but lost both here as well and my reply too; not sure what's up with Google.
    Hopefully our enjoyment comes through in a short and sweet post.
    I really needed my tripod, but carrying too much stuff would have just gotten in the way.