Monday, November 22, 2010

What's The Ballyhoo Bout Baileyana Zin & When Is A Zin Not A Zin?

When Baileyana is a Firepeak Vineyard Syrah. It does have many qualities of a luscious Russian River Zinfandel with full-bodied richness, a bit of Dry Creek liveliness, and Napa Valley complexity and pepper finish.

Baileyana Edna Valley Firepeak Vineyard 2006 Syrah, $23 99, 91 points, ( is an exciting wine that got better three days after opening (True to its Rhone Pedigree). Grapes grown in this appellation have the longest growing season of just about anywhere, with exceptional soils and weather resulting in a unique Syrah.

Rockblock Reserve 2006 Syrah, $34.99, 92 points, is another wonderful find, robust, well structured, distinctly balanced and big, smoothly quaff-able; this is a great Walla Walla Valley wine ( ) with a fine finish and pleasant flavors of plum and grape, but I'm sure you'll find some other slightly sweet berries locked deep inside this treasure. The alcohol is listed at 14.5%, but it seemed a bit higher and quite potent, but that maybe the result of its easy drink-ability.


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