Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Antinori Umbria Cervaro della Sala 2005 Chardonnay

Antinori Umbria Cervaro della Sala 2005 Chardonnay, $33.99-$39.99, 92+ points, is 15 % Grechetto, but this is pure delight.
This is my first Italian Chardonnay, and though too expensive for me, I just had to try this one at the lower price point, and at that price, it is a good buy still, especially when you compare it to a high-quality Cabernet.
This wine comes from the Umbria region of Italy. This is a region that produces Grechetto (Among many other grapes), primarily for blending.  
Usually, I start my White wines at about 42 degrees, and sense them develop as they warm, and this Chardonnay too, began cold. The aroma (Cold) is the nicest and lightest lemon-oil and honey. As it warmed, hints of pine and lychee with almond and clove gave complexity to the bouquet.
The flavors developed from a unique blend of pink grapefruit and lemon into hints of pear, apple, and a marble minerality  (As imprecise as that maybe).
This is a clean, crisp and refreshing wine that will pair well with anything buttery, creamy, crab or richer fish, poultry, but you might like this with almost anything; as I've said, there are "rules" but the number one rule is: if it works for you. . .

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  1. On what works for you, wine and food, today, I came across this memorable quote on a very historic and detailed blog called Classification of 1855 (http://www.classof1855.com/): "You know food and wine pairing is only a recent phenomenon of thirty or forty years. Before the sixties there was none of this food and wine pairing – you drank your favorite wine with your favorite food and there you are." Michael Vilim

  2. I bought this wine at the Bedford, NH Liquor store, but it's important to check ahead. They have changed their web-page to a PDF file which I hate, as it is cumbersome and user Unfriendly. So, many of the links I have used on this blog, FOR them, doesn't work anymore.
    At any rate, most wine purchases on this blog, without a reference, was bought at the NHLS.

    1. This update is to let you know that the PDF files are now gone; well, that's consistency for you.