Monday, July 18, 2011

Marechal Foch New Hampshire's Very Own Wine?

Marechal Foch (pronounced "mar-esh-shall-fosh"), some people like to think (In some sense) that this is New Hampshire's very own wine. So, and as far as I'm concerned, that's not a problem.
My reason for starting this post is obvious: NH Wineman and so few NH wines! Well, this is a work in progress, but I'm working to rectify my malfeasance. In the meantime just enjoy the photograph and the four wine reviews linked below. Thanks Tom! Hope you like the photo of Mount Washington?

Sadly my blind tasting of four New Hampshire Marechal Foch red wines didn't go well, and I'm sure I'll get a lot of heat for this, but I have to call them as I see them.

Flag Hill 2011 Marechal Foch Red Wine, $10.99-$12.99, 76 points
Jewell Towne Marechal Foch N/V Red Wine, $8.49-$10.49, 77 points
Olde Nuttfield 2009 Marechal Foch Red Wine, $10.99, 75 points
Sweet Baby Vineyard N/V Marechal Foch Red Wine, approximately $12, 75 points


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