Monday, August 8, 2011

Mommy's Time Out Rosso Primitivo

This is very silly, but I will always buy a new Primitivo when I see it; I saw Mommy's Time out for $5.49 with a coupon. I did what Maslow's dog would do, and grabbed it. 

Mommy's Time Out Rosso 2009 Primitivo, $5.49-$9.99, 86 points, has a large water-rim (Young wine) and deep magenta welling into opaque. 
The aroma is reticent allspice and earth.
This is a medium-bodied wine wound in tight tannins, without which this wine would fail. There's just enough to carry it beyond mediocrity, except for what isn't there: foul flavors, over-whelming black cherry and plum, but their more subtle appearance, has a bit of bitterness on mid to late palate, and hints of grape-skin on the finish, somehow, like a pop-up in mid field, dropping between the three frenzied fielders, lands for a base-hit, so too, this wine.
Mommy's Time Out Primitivo comes from the Puglia (PU-eeya) region of Italy, but Rosso on the front label mean's what? This I haven't been able to discover; any sleuth worth his/her Mediterranean salt should be able to help.
Well, mommy should be able to take a siesta, have a glass of Primtivo (Paired nicely with "hot" salsa and lime-corn chips) and get back to work, 13.5% alcohol, without falling over.
A final note of pairing, I have my doubts that this will pair well with the usual Italian cuisine, but if it works for you, I'm all ears. A final note on Mommy's Time Out 2009 Primitivo is that it will surely benefit from More Time In The Bottle.

Now, if mommy were drinking Lust Zin, she just might not be able to read: Chris Muir's in-vino-veritas, all others should read at your own risk, and get ready to pay that $10-$100 for the CO2 cover charge; it's nice to be filthy rich;-)

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