Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fontana D' Italia 2007 Merlot

Fontana D' Italia 2007 Merlot, $11.00-$14.00: This wine may have been slightly "Cooked"-Cooked Wine
The aroma was dull, the flavor was predominately stewed prune, and the cork was, unnoticeable under the capsule, just slightly protruding. Though the wine had these problems, it wasn't a totally bad experience. I went back to the store I bought this wine from (Shaws in Londonderry), and some of the other bottles had the same slightly raised corks and some were not.
The lesson is, pay attention. This time, it cost me $11.00, but what could happen?
I hope to find this wine somewhere else and give it another tasting.

Now, to commentary time.
What advise (benefit) do you, the New Hampshire wine "lover" get from wine reviews? The answers to this question will not be answered here, but rather, if you are interested in the subject-if you look for reviews to help you in buying a wine, then it makes sense to give it some thought.
As for benefiting from my mistakes, I hope that the two faults (Corked-Cooked Wines) will be of some help, but as for ratings, which I've discussed before, they can be a guide to you when a reviewer tends to match your own palate (Not a science).
I came across this interesting wine-tasters conundrum-point of view, which should give much to ponder.

"I have to arrive at quick decisions. But it does trouble me. I wish I could review one wine a day, taking the time to let it develop in the glass, trying it with different foods, letting my mind change. But I can’t. Unlike Gus, I have to limit each wine to its immediate appeal, day after day. I’m not saying that’s the best approach. But it’s what we wine critics have to deal with."

I don't know Steve Heimoff (Hope this isn't too presumptuous), but it seems that having a blog does allow for that "one wine a day" review, while giving less attention to other "assembly-line" wine tasting duties he has with Wine Enthusiast or whatever his employment obligations are; what's needed (My thought) is with all the wines he has only minutes to judge, just maybe there is that one wine which Steve can embrace and comment on.
After all, there is a blog called: 2daysperbottle

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