Monday, September 5, 2011

Italian Chardonnay and the Cucco

Casina Cucco 2009 Chardonnay, $27.00-$24.00, 87 points, has an unfortunate name, in my opinion. The bird on the bottle resembles a cuckoo more than the "Chicken-like legend", and if indeed it is the egg-supplanting sneak, it is unfortunate, because the wine itself is a bit of a sneak: chilled, it was reticent and a bit bitter, but as it warmed I found its creamy-citrus to be pleasant enough. The color is a deep off-gold with shades of green. The aroma is a light orange/lime, but diminishes. With just a hint of vanilla in a matrix of citrus, this was not a notable wine for me, and the price made this Chardonnay one I'll not soon buy again.
One store manager said: "I've never had a good Italian Chardonnay." I have to disagree with him. The Casina Cucco 2009 is  a "good" wine, just a bit over priced for me. However, you might remember the Antinori-Umbria-Cervaro-Della-Sala Chardonnay, and just how much I loved it. I haven't gotten any feed back or comments on that Chardonnay, but, as for me, I don't require it.
We paired the Casina Cucco with Lobster rolls and chips.

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  1. Felsina makes a rockin' good Chardonnay from Tuscan grapes. I believe it is called "i Sistri." Really clean with good pineapple and mineral notes. It's the only really memorable Italian Chardonnay I've ever come across.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Bill, and I'll see if I can find this one.