Saturday, November 27, 2010

Morphing Morgon Makes My Heart Turn To France

Okay, I did warn you about exploring French wine, often expensive and fraught with a mine field of confusion, but when visiting my friend Mimi, she steered me, she assisted me, she gave me her experience, and I took a chance. That is what it is all about my friend: "word of mouth".
If you want to try something different, it is great to have a trusted friend or counselor who knows your palate, or shares the same tastes as you, and the more of these counselors you have, that is, if you want to get out of the rut, if you want to save money, and if you want to enjoy the wine you have, all the better.
So, here it is:
That is only part of what you'll read on this bottle, but what you need to know is that BEAUJOLAIS is a wine made mostly from the Gamay grape, is a gentle (low in tannins) higher in acid easy to drink wine that pairs well with almost everything.
My first taste of BEAUJOLAIS was terrible, and without the help of Mimi, I might not have gotten around to tasting another for another ten years.
MORGON 2009 BEAUJOLAIS is NOT a BIG wine, it is NOT overpowering, it is NOT overtly distinctive (Subtle sensuality rules here), it is NOT for those looking for a buzz (Alcohol 13%), it is NOT leathery, wild (You Zin Lovers) or earthy, but what it is, IS Pure Delicious.
I scored this wine a 91 points, and at $14.99, a good buy, but I have seen it listed for $13.00.

Very little of this applies to Geroge Dubceuf's other Gamay production of Beaujolais; (2009 Saint-Amour) though having a sweet-spice mid-palate the wine is just too floral for me, it is almost eucalyptus, though that's mostly an Australian trait (See Ravenswood 2003 Dickerson Zinfandel) . There are those who like that trait, at least to a certain level, but for me it sometimes leaves an odd, unnatural aftertaste, but that just means there is something for everyone. Let me know if you try both of these and what you think.

GEORGE DUBCEUF 2009 Saint Amour Beaujolais Scored 84 from the New Hampshire Wineman and at $14.99 not a buy for me, and seen elsewhere for $11.99


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  1. "I talked to John Doe today and he said he liked the wine very much and that his daughter also liked it. He said she is very fussy about wine and she liked that wine."

    This was from an e-mail sent to me regarding:

    Well, I'm glad that my recommendation worked for your wine gift.

  2. Today is Jan. 22 and I just got my Feb. edition which lists this Morgon as a "Smart Buy".

  3. I found this quote From Steve Heimoff very interesting:"The first wine in Book One of my diary was a 1981 Morgon Beaujolais from Georges Duboeuf. It cost $6. I called it “delightful.”