Wednesday, November 3, 2010

White Wine Wins My Heart

Banfi 2009 San Angelo Pinot Grigio works well with white meat or just to sip, and for a red-wine drinker, that says a lot. I'm going to let others describe this wine.

However, the photograph is mine.

Watch this You-Tube as Kris Chislett explains!

" offers not only satisfaction but real varietal character; it also offers renewed respect for an otherwise abused vino."
Quarterly Review of Wines. September, 2010

Very highly oaked, full bodied, and crisp; a wine with green apple, lemon peel, and toast aromas/flavors. Has evident depth and complexity. Medium long aftertaste. 4 Stars. Excellent. Highly recommended.
Restaurant Wine 2010

"A round, lightly floral wine with a fullness and spice that bring lots of appeal. The fruit flavors are completely ripe, edging into tropical, and the ripeness makes you want to take another sip.""
-Wine and Spirits

"The San Angelo was quite a pleasant surprise. It didn't have the turpentine-like aroma and flavor that so many less expensive Italian pinot grigios have. It also had more--and better--fruit than the turpentine wines; fresher and almost pear-like, and was quite nicely done. Serve this chilled with almost any pinic food."

My own opinion is simply this: a crisp, long flavorful white wine that is pleasing no matter what your doing with it.
I score this wine 93, and at $12.74 what a deal, not much more than apple juice.

I haven't abandoned my zest for Zin, but just needed to advocate this as an alternative to my natural order of wine stuffs.

Don't drink and Drive!


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