Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mas Du Soleilla Coteaux Du Languedoc La Clape Les Bartelles (WHAT?)

Okay, okay, I said:
"Do you get lost when it comes to French wines? Just remember the wine tasting of 1976: California wines won.
I'm not pooh-poohing French wines, and have tried some fair priced good wine from France, but for the beginner, like me, it can be a mine-field of complexity and high prices. Why not begin with value wines from the USA that can help to get your own palate oriented before you get discouraged?"

Well, my on-going exploration into Zinfandel wines and its rich spicy near-kin the Syrah-Shiraz almost forced me to take a "leap-of-faith" and try a French Syrah (80%) to have some sense of comparison. The
2007 Mas Du Soleilla Coteaux Du Languedoc La Clape Les Bartelles (I already have writer's cramp) was heartily recommended to me, and for $50.00, there had to be some hard pressure applied to get me  to buy this wine.
The results are not clear even to me.
There are strange floral flavors here, but complexity with silky tannins and balanced acidity and layers of black currant held my interest. This wine needs to breathe, and the second day was better than the first. Nearly black to Shiraz purple, aromas of leather and currant, this is a big wine that shouts tender lullabies and will appeal to certain palates, but as the Lilly's Garden, Rutherford Merlot, Borsao Tres Picos Garnacha, and Whitehall Cabernet Sauvignon, the Mas Du Soleilla Coteaux Du Languedoc La Clape Les Bartelles is not my "cup of tea", but I can understand why some do and will love this wine, but I scored it 90 points, and at $50.00, not a buy for me (again) nor do I recommend this wine at this price.

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