Saturday, February 26, 2011

Syrah (Shiraz) $8.99 VS. $49.99 VS. Whatever

Boarding Pass 2007 Shiraz, South Australia, $8.99$-20.99, 91 points, is everything a good Shiraz is all about. I bought Boarding Pass at the Bedford New Hampshire Liquor Store's (Power-buy). This is a steal for such a good wine. Now this ain't no French Syrah, this is as wild as the Outback, very akin to a brambly California Zinfandel, and pair it with Mexican, with big steaks, with hamburgers, barbecues or grilled  lamb (just as you would a Zin), this wine has zip, and you just might get zapped, but don't miss-out on the value of this wine if you like a rich spicy wine that will not leave you or your friends flat. Sincerely, if you like Zinfandel wines, and you have not tried this wine, you will thank me; look into my eyes-thank me.
Boarding Pass is well constructed, there is no ill flavors, there is layers of wine-energy at a price that could fuel a Boeing-747 or a Ford F150, and with gas at $3.20 a gallon, just think, a short ride in that pick-up costs as much as this bottle of wine.
Cheryl, (You know who you are!) if you are reading this, does it seem that your recommendation was a good one?


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  1. It is just over a week from this posting, and just for the record gas is now $3.45 per gal.
    Better sell that F-150 and get a . . .

  2. Here's your price of gas update: $3.88 per gal.
    What happens when it gets to $5.00?
    Guess I won't be able to buy wine anymore.
    I get 30-37 MPG, but you guts with the F150s?