Monday, May 23, 2011

Red, White, and Italian Wine Too

Bolla Della Valpolicella Classico 2006 Amarone, $29.99, 90 points, is the first Amarone I've tried, and though raisin is suppose to predominate, I didn't find this to be the case.
With the color of a young Bordeaux, a gentle aromatic floral presentation, and a beautiful mouth-feel, smooth and rich, having plenty of black fruit flavor and just an appropriate touch of "dirt" to keep you in Italy, you then discover, that with this wine, you have more than just another wine, but with the unique flavor, you have a history and a way of life.

Though the tannins were generous, building a sense of balance, the acid level seemed to be on the low side, resulting in a fine sipping wine, but maybe not quite crisp enough, or as food-friendly as some might expect.
I like this varietal (Provided that the Bolla is typical), and I have some others waiting in the wings.
The price is a bit high, but the wine-making process is more involved and time-labor intensive.

Bollini Trentino 2009 Pinot Grigio, $11.99-$13.99, 86 points.

There is this kind of information, making it irresistible for romantic wine purchasers: "breezes from lake Garda and a cool nocturnal climate. . ." Words alone cannot change water into wine, and though this White Wine was okay, I was a bit disappointed; not with the color of ginger-ale, the nose of lemon-grass, the typical light gentle early palate, late palate lime, or even the finish of lingering grapefruit, but the overall flavor was a bit weak and unfocused.
With so many great Pinot Grigio wines from Italy available, this is not my recommendation.


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