Monday, September 12, 2011

Buehler 2009 Chardonnay

Buehler 2009 Chardonnay, $8.49-$18.99, 89 points, what is there to say? This Chardonnay, right now (My opinion of course), is the BEST bargain in New Hampshire White Wine: Buehler Chardonnay is crisp, refreshing, and tangy, it has minerality, just a tiny toastiness disavowing its Chablis like character, and more real or imagined fruit flavors than the farmer's market. 
How can you go wrong?
I can tell you, the pros liked it more than I did, and remember: this Chardonnay will keep for some time, so, buy the 12 bottles, cause once they're gone they're. . .

More commentary: read at your own risk!
My last post had "Humble" in the title; I trust that's true of my opinions, but a well-known wine-expert has said something to the effect that wine is "business"; so far, wine is still fun for me, and my advice is sincere (I haven't received any wine, nor has anyone sent me money or advertised on my blog; my palate is way young, but I'm not jaded yet either (As of 2013, I'm getting there!).
There are a number of bloggers who have refused to post any of my remarks (That's their prerogative), but often I see it as a snub (Wine-Snobbery) rather than judicious editing (Okay, I know my writing is deplorable); I feel quite bad for those who are looking for HONEST views and reviews though, because not coming down from "Olympus" to where the common man/woman is, invites an incestuous and unapproachable class with the rest of us "Lepers" fending, groping for HONEST advice.
Well, I think you snobs know who you are, I trust your pillars of expertise hold-up the Terroir for you. In the mean time I'll be available to New Hampshire wine drinkers, if they should feel the need for my reviews (I'll keep at it as long as I can), and who knows, commentaries on the wine-business.

Dennis Tsiorbas

PS, thanks to those who have humbly condescended to make this blog more interesting and informative; you too, know who you are.

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