Monday, September 26, 2011

St Hallett Barossa Valley Faith 2007 Shiraz

St Hallett Faith Barossa Valley Australian 2007 Shiraz, $12.15-$16.99, (Purchased at Hannaford's supermarket), review is in progress, but at this time I'm testing a new method of photography and its cumbersome software; sorry for the delay. Instead I have provided some links for you, provided this wine is of a pressing interest.

St Hallett Winery

Commentary is provided by Catie of the Wild Walla Walla Wine who has kindly given me permission to link and share some very relevant thoughts: wine-grace, wisdom, and yes, health. 

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  1. Which software are you testing out, Den ? Looking forward to the review !

  2. Hi Ben, everyone is missing you!
    Trust all is well!
    The software, as is all software (Difficult) for me, is Adobe Raw converter; the interesting part is getting the download with no provision to manipulate it.
    I have not yet located any of your wine recommendations. I thought the Turning Leaf (Popular label) would be a snap, but not found in the NHLS or Market Basket.