Saturday, April 28, 2012

Conterno Fantino 2006 Barbera D'Alba Vignota

Conterno Fantino 2006 Barbera D'Alba,

$26.77-$31.49, 90 points, trends from a core of purple to garnet in color.
The aroma is a complex and delightful spicy cedar box with clove, licorice, bakers chocolate, and alcohol (14%).
A medium plus body showed high acidity and moderate tannin, but carried a rich blend of cherry, plum, and blackberry fruit with a hint of coffee and licorice flavors.
The finish was a good juicy and spicy one.
We paired this with a homemade pizza, but this wine will go well with most pastas and or tomato based cuisine.
For those who are interested in the Vignota on the bottle (I am), I asked John from Tuscan Vines for some help:
"John, is Vignota a designated wine area of Italy similar to the AVA?"
"Vignota, in that case, would either be a proprietary name for the wine (like Insignia) in order to set it apart either quality wise or stylistically from C-F's other Barbera, or just as likely, the name of a specific vineyard. You probably got your hands on a single vineyard Barbera.
Thanks John!

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  1. Dennis,

    Barbera is indeed an acidic grape. It's not for everyone but I do enjoy them from time to time and your food rec. is spot on for them.

    Barbera's from Alba are the best. I find examples from Asti too acidic and not as ripe.

    1. John, I just found this in my spam folder. Told you Google had gone whacky.
      Thanks for the info,