Friday, December 28, 2012

Copain Harrison Clarke Santa Ynez Valley 2007 Syrah

Copain Harrison Clarke Santa Ynez Valley 2007 Syrah, $33,99-$39.99, 93 points, begins its lovely presentation with a Shiraz purple color that wells opaque at the core, and the sliver of a silver lining trims this wine youthful enough.
Crushed blackberries, with hints of flowers add their near perfection to  this blossoming wine, and cinnamon-clove as a garnish, impress.
Round and lush, this quite drink-able near full-bodied red wine, displays as much elegance in a high acid, big tannin (layered and firm) Syrah, as I've had all year.
Bountiful fruit, blackberry, boysenberry, damson plum, with hints of licorice, bacon fat, and violets, reward with their balanced delicious richness.
Finishing long on the trailing palate, but adding hints of spice with just a touch of heat (13.7% alcohol), wind-up an excellent red wine of note.


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  1. Dennis,

    Nice review and nice find with this one. I've seen Copain's "Tous Ensemble" and "Les Voisins" lines on local shelves, but none of their single vineyard stuff. As we were recently having the "day 2" discussion, curious if you had a chance to taste this wine on day 2 and if so, how it held up.



    1. Nick, still very good, but has gathered some less pleasant black currant notes; though I love black currant, it trends toward a more vegetative flavor than say blackberry or boysenberry, and if too overpowering gives me that carrot-juice taste. So, I'd drink within 24 hours for best flavor. Just my humble opinion.
      Happy New Year:-)

  2. Sounds delicious.

    Sadly, I think only the "Tous Ensemble" wines from Copain make it here. I would certainly love to try the Harrison Clark.