Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Carpineto Molin Vecchio 2001 Toscana IGT

Carpineto Molin Vecchio 2001 Toscana IGT,  $36.99-$69.99, 92 points, has a black currant-pomegranate color and trimmed with a clear rim.
When I was a kid, before sunrise, I'd grab my fishing pole and make the trek to the lake; the fog lifting from the glassy water had an aroma all its own, and that is the aroma of this wine; add some autumn leaves, cinnamon, clove, and a hint of sweet red cherry, and that's what Molin Vecchio has to offer you.
A bit acidic, the medium-plus body is still moderately tannic.
Flavors are rich and complex black currant, red cherry, plum, licorice, dried herbs.
Finishing on the trailing palate and a fair amount of spice, and without noticing the 13.5% alcohol, balances this Toscana beautifully.
Varietals are 80% Sangiovese, 10% Syrah, and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon.


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  1. I've not heard of this one. Carpineto, I don't *think* owns any land. They make what they bottle from bought grapes and as such, their stable varies. I've Brunello, Vino Nobile and Chianti Classico from them and they never strike me as top tier. I'll have to look out for this wine, but given the vintage, I wonder if it still exists.

  2. John, it's a good thing that you put some intrigue into the post; I bought this wine for a number of reasons: 1: Take $30 off an Italian wine I recognize. 2: I thought I'd get you to comment;-) 3. The store I usually buy my wine at just got these, and with only three remaining, I just had to try one.
    For $36.99, this is a worthy wine, and I believe it still has a window of 2-4 years to go.
    92 points is a bit higher on my scale than their CC-Res., and those wines were $23.99.

  3. Dennis, interesting enough, for sure! Where do you get your range of pricing from? At $70, wouldn't this have to be pretty special? I mean, you can get Brunello or even Barolo for that sort of coin. This has nothing to do with whether the wine is good or not, I'm just curious about what source you use to come up with your retail ranges.

    1. John, my review prices usually look like the above $36.99-$69.99. $36.99 is the sale price which I paid, and the $69.99, is the store's retail price. If there is just one price, it is usually the standard retail price, and that is what I paid.
      $70 is too much for this wine in my opinion.
      Thanks for you comments!