Friday, March 8, 2013

Michele Chiarlo 2011 GAVI

Michele Chiarlo 2011 GAVI,  $12.74-$14.99, 88 points, appears pale yellow with copper tones.
The nose reminds me of canned Bartlett pears, but subtle melon and mint arrive as the wine warms.
A crisp light-plus body (dry with good acidity), having flavors that follow the nose and adding citrus notes, is refreshing and tasty.
Finishes fair with some warmth (12%alcohol) and a hint of ginger.

Paired beautifully with baked stuffed Maine Lobster, brazed Sea scallops, and Mac & Cheese!

Just a note on the availability of Gavi wines; you'll not find many available in New Hampshire, but they are usually priced between $10-$20, and always worth tasting.

Gavi Wines


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  1. And how! Such a fun wine. Try his Moscato with scrambled eggs one morning...

  2. Vigirl, Yes!

    John, thanks for the pairing, and I love scrambled (whipped) eggs; so, I will look for it.

  3. Moscato in the morning? Well, I suppose it's 5 pm somewhere!

  4. Dennis,

    Nice review, and thanks for adding the "Gavi Wines explained" link--I'll admit that I knew nothing about Gavi, but do now.


    1. Thank you Nick! As you know, I don't pretend to be an expert, I just taste wine and say what I experience, so when commenting on a wine like Gavi, I want to find and link to an internet site that expertly, easily, and quickly, informs those who are interested in knowing more. As in all things, one can dig very deeply into almost anything, and wine is so vast, that like Prosecco, one can be solely devoted to a single wine, appellation, or country. Though John of Tuscan Vines tastes and comments on other than Italian wines, it certainly is his specialty, while I see you developing an ever greater knowledge and expertise of NW wines (especially Syrah). I don't believe that wine reviewing is a zero-sum game that only a few should or can "win"; all honest resources (blogs-magazines) help to advocate. So, you give one wine 86 points and I give it 90 points, those interested can deduce that the wine is an 88 point wine; that is basically what CT does. By the way, they scored (average) Dr,K. RS 88.9 points, therefore we accomplished a similar result with just the two of us.