Friday, December 5, 2014

Anastasi (Greek) 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon

Anastasi (Greek) 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, $11.99-$13.99, 86 points, appeared quite black trending currant red with a clear rim.
With much swishing and swirling I could only tease a bit of leather, plum, mint, and blackberry for aromas.
Medium-bodied, dry with good acidity and mild-plus tannin, this Greek Cabernet surprised me with pleasant flavors, though single-minded, of elderberry and oaky blackberry, and finished on the trailing palate with a short burst of accelerating spice, a slight metallic note, tannin, and a near unnoticeable 12.8% alcohol.
Commentary: The QPR is about right on this wine, but for those who are looking for a red table wine that won't sink their guests under the table, the 12.8% alcohol could be a deal clincher!


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