Monday, December 29, 2014

Bubblies Three For Me New Years Eve

   2015 will soon swoosh over your head before you know it, and if you are planning to celebrate with a "Bubbly" wine, you'll have to choose a bottle to celebrate with, and soon.
  Purists will demand Champagne (France), but 32% more people are choosing (Prosecco (Italy), and a few of us will go with a comparable (Cava Spanish Sparkling Wines), and of course bubblies from the New World that mirror Champagne's quality and flavor are out there, and cost considerably less.
  Myths may mire your choice, but keep in mind that your preoccupation will be with the ambient enjoyment of The Time, so this is a no-sweat situation; buy smartly with Prosecco (many to choose from below $20), Cava is a bit more difficult, but great value and flavor can be found (a little effort required), New World "Traditional Method" bubblies are plentiful and can be a great value (Vinogirls choice:Pinot-Meunier), while Real Champagne, with its usually higher price-tag and questionable taste, may just require an "eeny meeny miny mo".
  All these bubblies have representatives of the whole spectrum of "Sweetness", and it is a myth that all Proscco bubblies are sweet. Your taste of sweetness will be different from mine, so check the bottle for the degree of sweetness you desire (See chart below).
  In ascending order of sweetness: Burt is the most Dry, Extra Dry (Extra Sec or Extra Seco), Dry (Sec or Seco), Semi-Dry (Demi-Sec or Semi-Seco), and Sweet (Doux or Dulce), most sweet.
  As for me? I'm going with these three bottles for the fun of it ($6.95-$16.79).

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