Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ten helpful rules for new wine drinkers

Some of you may have heard Laura Larson on The Wine Crush; she's a rather irascible lovely lady, but she knows her stuff; well, she challenged her listeners to come up with "ten things everyone should know about wine."  Here's mine, but I've changed it to "Ten helpful rules for new wine drinkers", as the rest of us are know-it-all-s!

Ten helpful rules for new wine drinkers:

1: Consult a wine knowledgeable and trusted friend to recommend an excellent red and white wine with the understanding that this should be just a starting point, an epiphany experience to demonstrate just how amazing wine can be.

2: Understand that great wines, especially red wines from Spain, can be reasonably priced ($7,99-$19.99, with great white wines coming from around the world ($4.99-$15.99).

3: Experiment! Try new and different varietals, try international wines.

4: Drink wine with food: Wine is food.

5: Experiment with pairing wine with foods you frequent.

6: If you want to have more than a few bottles of wine in home, plan on how to keep your wine from shaking, sun, and heat (cool cellar); small wine refrigerators can be fairly priced and easy to hide-away, e.g., Wine Enthusiast's Silent-21-bottle-dual-zone.

7: Know how to uncork a bottle of wine, and be confident when doing so: How to uncork a bottle of wine.

8: Screw or twist-off caps are fine: Cade-winery-howell-mountain-napa-valley Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve ($185), has a screw-cap.

9: Seek-out friends to share, be creative with, and have fun with wine.
10: Any standard wine glass will do, except for more snobby people and events.

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  1. A solid and sensible ten rules.

    1. VG: It is an interesting and jolly-good exercise, but a bit whimsical.
      Thanks for commenting! :)