Monday, November 28, 2016

Beaujolais Nouveau NHWM, why the narrow focus?

 Beaujolais Nouveau
NHWM, why the narrow focus?
New Hampshire 'only'?

  Louis Jadot Chateau des Jacques Moulin-a-Vent is a French Beaujolais red wine with an average price-tag of $21, and from all reports is excellent. Yeah, so what?
  I've been tweaked again, as I am every year when Beaujolais Nouveau arrives at the Markets, and concerning Beaujolais wines in general.

  So, how do I get from a "narrow focus" to Beaujolais and it's wildling preemie sibling?
  I was reading one of the more respectable wine writer's (Sandra Crittenden) column on the subject of

Wine Thoughts goes into depth over several Beaujolais wines with a Master Sommelier, and as is too typical of wines discussed broadly: they are not to be found, or easily found in the tiny State of NH; I figured that since Louis Jadot is broadly distributed I'd find this one, but nope!
  This is but one example of the frustration a wine lover might endure if she/he purchases wines locally; almost six years ago, I discovered that being preoccupied with Zinfandel red wines was a kind of Dead End, and I wrote about it here: Eureka! Reasons for not drinking Zinfandel.
  Yeah, the focus at the NHWM Blog are wines found in New Hampshire, and I think, with good reason.
  Now to Beaujolais Nouveau: if you are making memories and part of the paraphernalia of those memories is Beaujolais Nouveau, then the happy carefree, raw, and youthful wine expression is great; this is the best way to have wine: wine as experienced with friends, family, and places.
If, on the other hand, you are looking for a great pairing with food as your goal, then you might think Beaujolais without the Nouveau, Burgundy (per se), Rhone, or Bordeaux, provided French wines are your aim.

Beaujolais The Gamay Grape

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  1. I like that your focus is NH only...and jealous that you have a better selection of wines available to you than I do.

    1. VG: Available imported wines?
      In NH we have a relatively large News Paper with a wine reviewer, but he's very sporadic and does mostly beer. We also have an excellent wine writer/reviewer, but the number of reviews are relatively few.
      Would you agree most people don't order wine through the mail? Since intuitively that's true, approximately 7,000 different wines available, and many of those are in flux, keeps me busy enough (TMI).