Sunday, May 29, 2011

Eureka! I Just Realized What Happened To Zin!

  I just realized that one reason I've veered into so many other wines (Italian is my latest foray) is that in New Hampshire, there is a very limited variety of Zinfandel wines available, and though I do have several Zinfandel wines waiting to be tried, very few of them have me biting-at-the-bit to taste.
  This is a perfect example of what New Hampshire Zinfandel lovers must face when it comes to variety: In the June issue of Wine Spectator Magazine, Tim Fish gives his current Top 16 Zinfandel Wines to drink NOW, and I have seen only one available in NH (Four Vine Paso Robles Biker). The Wine Spies reviewed 29 Zinfandel wines before I'd seen enough of our zin-scarcity, with not a single one of these Zins having been seen by me in two years, and only 3 were familiar wineries. Now, that doesn't mean that some others are not available, but as one who hunts them down, I have not seen them. Keep in mind, that all five Primitivo (Italian Zinfandel) wines I could find in New Hampshire, I bought, tasted, and reviewed.
  Having had my "Eureka event" I'll move on to other varietals without apology.
  I do have all five bottles of Red Wine from Portugal that I could find, (That tasting should be fun), but once again, New Hampshire continues to reveal why I've started this blog: helping to aid friends and family who just want a good bottle of wine at a reasonable price, all-the-while I'm learning, and for me, it is my adventure and pleasure.
  The other day a young lady at a sub-shop asked me about Red wine from Portugal, commenting that she couldn't find any, I was now on a mission, and so I bought her (Me) a bottle that came recommended ($7.99), and she loved it. However, not many of us want to go on a mission for a bottle of wine; I do! Ask me, and I'll check it out as best I can.

If you are interested in my reviews of Four Vines "Biker" Zin: Four Vines Paso Robles 2008 "Biker"  And Four Vines Paso Robles 2009 "Biker"


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