Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sensi 18K NV Moscato (Sparkling Sweet Rosé Wine)

Sensi 18K NV Moscato (Sparkling Sweet Rosé Wine), $19.99-$22.99, 91 points, poured an orange/red into a full head of foam with a long enduring eruption of smallish bubbles (drink while cold and fizzy).
Light-plus body was marked by a balance between fair acidity and sweetness.
The cornucopia of tropical aromas, hints of Necco Wafers, cookie dough, and a floral vibe accented with background strawberry notes were outrageously tasty, and tended to leech onto the palate.
Finished long on cherry cola and an innocuous 6.5% alcohol.
This was to be an experimental opportunity to pair Sparkling Sweet Rosé Moscato with a number of different desserts, all of which paired well, but the Red velvet heart macaroon excelled.
A great aperitif too.


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