Friday, June 30, 2017

2500th post begins a seven year NHWM celebration.

2500th post begins a seven year NHWM celebration.

  Saluting and thanking my blogging and viewing friends for keeping me going with this project, which will be seven years young in July, is reward enough, cause people (dogs too) are what make blogging and wine fun. It's all about the 'teach thy self' concept which I've come to value, but along the way I've come to umami (savor) some very special friends and their help along the path to wine enlightenment; they know who they are!
  Since I began blogging with two Zinfandel wines (Green and Red, Frog's Leap), but now can only find Frog's leap in New Hampshire, I hope to post several reviews of Frog's leap wines in July as a sort of retrospective.
Frog's Leap Napa Valley, Why it's a "Go to Winery."
  My story (unfinished) can be found here: New Hampshire Wineman~An Old man's Trek Into "Wine Country".


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  1. 2,500? Wow, congratulations! Celebrate and party hearty!

  2. Congratulations on an amazing 2500 posts. As much as I enjoy reading your reviews, I am intrigued pby your photography even more. I look forward to seeing the wide variety of techniques that you use in your photographs. Each one is uniquely different. Bravo!