Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Behind the Zinfandel Eight-ball

Roshambo The Reverend Dry Creek Valley 2006 Zinfandel, $18.14-$24.99, 88 points: Brambly is the most notable quality of this Zin, and though a bit light-bodied, I like this wine, and at the average price of $18.14, this is a fair value.
I paired this Zinfandel with a mustard-pepper lamb which paired well.
The aromatics were slight and with just a fair finish of white pepper and licorice hints I still found a nice overall flavor.
FREI BROTHER Reserve DRY CREEK 2007 ZINFANDEL, $16.00-$18.99, 88 points, had a deep red color and a pleasant fragrance.
I always seem to second guess myself when I score a wine 88 points and Robert Parker (Noted authority) gives it 90 points, but "To thine own self be true" rules, whether I or you are a newbie wine lover or not.
My flavor impression was that this Zin was more Merlot-like, but having a bit longer-spicy finish. I would never have guessed its Dry Creek origins and even the varietal was lost in the unobtrusive fruit-forward nature. I would easily use this wine as a Red-Table wine which went well with spinach pie and Feta cheese.
Edmeades MENDOCINO COUNTY 2007 ZINFANDEL, $14.99, 88 points, is a well balanced Zinfandel with a blackberry-pie quality, smooth and easy to quaff, having a nice aroma and a great long black pepper finish.


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