Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gamba Russian River Luscious Old Vine Zinfandel

Gamba Old Vine Estate 2007 Zinfandel, $43.99, 92 points, is a dense purple-red color and is almost black at the core with a clear rim.
The bouquet is grapes on the vine saturated in an afternoon sun having only the shimmering waves of earthy thermals wafting upwards into your senses.
The texture is Russian River luscious with early palate spice, almost cayenne, but tempered with the softness of currant. The closest I've come to this wine is the White Hall Cabernet, but with a profitably less Rutherford floral display of violet.
Gamba is in your face, full and refined in a balanced structure of berries-black, with hints of tobacco, with a finish of licorice and mild Tabasco.
With a 15.8% alcohol, this wine sneaks up on you very quickly, but is so balanced that you don't even notice the alcohol.
As advertised, this is a Zin for the aficionado.
If you took my advise and tried the Dancing Bull Zin, wait until the barbecue is over, and with your better-half, relax with a bottle of Gamba. You get what you pay for.
Is this the best value for a Zinfandel? No! However, if you love Zinfandel, this is a must taste wine.


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