Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chipping Away At Chardonnay; Clam Bake Anyone

Chardonnay, An Early Foray!

I'm not a White wine drinker (As you Know, if you follow this blog) but I do on occasion try something different.
I do know what I like, and I don't always know why; wine is configurationally a whole, a "gestalt" where the sum of the parts does not equal the end-result, but almost mystically gives us "Character."

For me, a White or Red wine must be pleasant, that doesn't mean that it should be without the dynamics of crispness (Usually due to acidity), or flavor (Fruit that's not Flabby), but the wine should be fun and without grimacing. The wine experience should deepen my life like seeing a mountain view with pastures of alpine flowers and a striated sky.I think that the average wine purchase is about the paraphernalia of fun, and cost is so important (In some sense, cost represents more than 90% of why we decide on one wine over another), but why buy a wine to get drunk because it is a cheap wine (Whisky is Quicker)? Wine is food and compliments food as well.
My point today, is I've come across two of what I think are great Chardonnay wines, that as a last minute gift or for a versatile White wine to pair with that Duck, Ham, or Turkey on Christmas day, will not disappoint. 

Mer Soleil (Sea and Sun) 2008 Chardonnay, $24.99-$37.99, 91 points, I found this Chardonnay to be a well balanced wine of silky flavors of vanilla, butter, and citrus.
Described on Mer Soleil's own web-site as (a little paraphrasing): "Citrus driven nose. Hints of matchstick, pineapple, and banana. Soft and round entry. Oak is apparent but not defining (vanilla, coconut). Mid-palate goes on to reveal other layers of flavors— lemon meringue pie, and again coconut. Finish is rich with viscosity that coats the mouth for minutes after your last sip."

If you are unconventional about your Christmas feast: King Crab, Clam-Bake, or all by itself, this Chardonnay cuts the butter and refreshes the palate.

Frog's Leap 2009 Chardonnay,
 $20.39-$26.99, 92 points, I found this Chardonnay to be a very refreshing, crisp citrus with layers of buttery smoothness, which is a combination that make this White wine intense and uniquely and unimaginably delicious.
Described on Frog's Leap web-site (A most interesting web-site): “Crisp and clean” are not often ascribed to a California Chardonnay but with a nod to the great white wines of the old world, the 2009 Frog’s Leap Chardonnay is just that. Vivid flavors of green apple, citrus and peach are delicately touched with hints of vanilla and toast. The interplay of fresh fruit and bright acidity, marked by notes of wet stone and slate, offer fantastic complexity and drive the wine’s clean, refreshing finish. . ." Frogsleap
Judging from all my glowing reviews of Frog's Leap wines you would think that they are shipping their wines to me. They are not. In fact they didn't even answer my last e-mail, but no matter, Frog's Leap makes great wines.


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