Sunday, December 19, 2010

Victory of Vintage or variance in Viticulture (Dueling Beringer Merlot Vintages Brings it on)

2007 Beringer Merlot Founder's Estate is a staple wine in my home, in fact it is the number one wine consumed here, but now the 2008 vintage is replacing the 2007; so as any wine-taster worth his stipend of grape, I blind-tasted the two.

These two wines are very different, yet they have a core of quality and economy that binds them together.

The  2007 Beringer Merlot Founder's Estate is more aromatic with a robust fruitiness with hints of mint.
The  2008 Beringer Merlot Founder's Estate is aromatically thin.

No contest here.

The 2007 is more fruit-forward and a bit minty, having a good finish, but sweeter
The 2008 has a heavier body with a quite spicy flavor and a long Black-pepper finish.

Well, you know me and a spicy finish!
I scored both vintages an 87 Points, and with a spicy price tag of just $6.99, both Beringer Merlots are a steal.

Just a little history: Jacob and Frederick Beringer started their NAPA valley winery in 1876 and it has continued until today, making its continuity the leader in longevity; their higher end wines are prized for their value, quality, and collect ability.

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