Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Peachy Canyon Not Always A Peachy-keen Pick

Peachy Canyon Incredible Red Paso Robles 2006 Zinfandel, $6.00-$12.00, 80 points, is magenta in color, having only a fair aroma, with an over-the-top licorice flavor, and a somewhat lightweight quality I'm not as impressed as many others are. the finish is not note-worthy. As a food Zinfandel it's just okay, but as a standalone wine it does not pass muster.
Most of this post is my trying to understand wine and wine tasting as something people do critically, but some of this figuring-out process seems to just be common-sense.
I have read that some wine-tasters have scored the Peachy Canyon "candy-tasting-wine"as high as 88 points: I need to warn you, that if this is a true evaluation of this Zinfandel then there is a long way to go for Peachy Canyon's $16.00 to $40.00 Zinfandel wines to justify buying and drinking them with that review criteria. In other words, their $40 wine should logically (common-sense) have a score of 97-100 points. Is that true?
What is clear to me is my disappointment with those who blithely throw-out such accolades as to give this wine 88 points; if your wallet is of prime importance, then the Peachy Canyon may just be for you, but if you want a "good" Zinfandel, I would look elsewhere.
There is some brag that the Peachy Canyon has only 13.9% alcohol, but I have tasted better Zinfandel wines with that range of alcohol, and with a similar price (See earlier posts).
I first tried this wine over a year ago, and I was disappointed then, but have since more appreciated the QPR (Quality-Price-Ratio), however, I would only consider this wine as a mass effort at a party that requires a Zinfandel wine for pairing, and that choice would have stiff competition with my favorite inexpensive Italian Pimativo (Zinfandel) wines.
Wow, I said all that!

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