Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Duckhorn Napa Valley 2010 Sauvignon Blanc

Duckhorn vineyards presents one of the most interesting Sauvignon Blancs I've tasted yet.

Duckhorn Napa Valley 2010 Sauvignon Blanc,
 $26.99-$29.99, 92 points, with 25% Sémillon this is a White Wine most everywhere else as I understand it and is similar in style to White Bordeaux. This wine is delicious, it is round, aromatically floral as well as citrus (Lemon) with some fresh-cut grass, it is bright and complex, easy to drink, yet  a sipper of a wine, perfectly pair-able (We had this with Smoked Paprika French Fries and Blue cheese on crisp celery and fire-hot buffalo wings.  Note that the wine was tasted first, and not to confuse the fine long peppery finish with our cuisine. 
To the price ($26.99): Want something special? Then that's what you pay for. Whenever my son visits, it is always special. Ben, that means you too!


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  1. Sounds like you've had quite a few nice Sauvignon Blancs lately. I was going to get a bottle of the 2010 Whitehall Lane the other day, but some lady bought the last bottle w/o me realizing it. I wanted to taste the same wine as you and see if I could compare our palates. If we re-order it, I'll be sure to get one.

  2. John, I think the 25% Semillon was the magic for this wine. The White Hall Lane Sauv-Blanc is very good as well and the price was much better; my son liked both equally.If you do get the WHL, let me know if you get that late-palate sour note.
    The weather has been getting spring-like, up until today that is, and that means I'm back to eating fish again (A warm weather quirk of mine).

  3. John?!?! You don't have me confused with that scurrilous John Fodera, do you? :)

    I tend to gravitate towards California Sauvignon Blancs with a bit of Semillon or Sauvignon Musque in the blend. It's no secret, but I prefer that unctuous, tropical flavor profile to the more herbaceous Sauvignons from New Zealand, France, South Africa, Chile, etc.

  4. Bill, I'm sorry! That's like when I call my son "Nick"(My client)! BILL said:"but I prefer that unctuous, tropical flavor profile to the more herbaceous Sauvignons from New Zealand, France, South Africa, Chile, etc." So do I! It's the rounder more complex quality, but I must say that often Sancerre (oops did it again, part of getting older) has this pure mineral quality without being herbaceous that I like very much, and I intend to investigate further.
    Thanks for quickening my mistake!

  5. Hey John,

    Saw a comment of yours over at Vinography, nice looking blog BTW! I like the oversized images. Anyway on this Duckhorn, they pour a charity event we take part in almost every year and their Sauvignon Blanc always seems to do incredibly well no matter the vintage. Given that it isn't a big white wine crowd, I think that says a lot.

    1. Thanks for the visit and the kind comment Mark; the over-size is to reveal as much of the product in the most artistic way as I can.
      This Sauv-Blanc is one of my favorites, just a bit pricey.