Friday, February 3, 2012

Shafer RELENTLESS Napa Valley 2007 Syrah

Shafer RELENTLESS Napa Valley 2007 Syrah (16% Petite Sirah), $47.59.-$59.99, 95 points, is exemplary of the truism: "You get what you pay for." Last time I was at store 33, someone was buying a case of this wine; now that I'm tasting it, I know why. Good for that guy!
I was saving this wine for a special day, and since my day was so difficult, this is it. I wanted to get my mind and my attitude off of all that hindered me from relaxing and leaving the past in oblivion.
To the wine:
The color is a rainbow of red and purple at the rim with a 'silver lining', but the core is opaque.
The aroma is subtle cedar and spice, toasty cherry, and blueberry preserve.
The body is deceptive, it seems light and juicy at first, but evolves to a medium body carrying layers of delicious flavors of grape, blueberry, and blackberry, then escalates mid-palate with licorice and tart cherry without sour notes. The finish continues its 'relentless' progression with coffee, chocolate, and a spiced meat juiciness. 
When I think of a great Cabernet, I think of a  Royals Royce, but when I think of a great Syrah, I think: Ferrari, and the Relentless takes me for a brisk spin up the coast of California with warm air over my bald head and beautiful hillsides of green, a deep blue sea, and songs of larks whistling from their fence perches. Crazy to get so much out of a wine, but it is what it is, and anyone who has tasted this wine should know that it is special. Now I'm more than anticipating the Hillside Select I have in my cellar.

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  1. Another 95, Dennis! Great to see you enjoyed this one so much. And about that spin up the coast of California.. let's make it happen!

    Thanks for a great review, I'll keep an eye out for this one.

  2. Ben being out there! You might want to know E's 92 points.

  3. I've only tasted this wine once, but I remember it well. I loved it. In fact, everything I've had from Shafer is really lovely.

  4. Claire, you are so right!
    I got a $20 coupon in the paper, so I flew down to a couple of different NHLS to find an '08 "Relentless", which I did, and a special occasion waits for its opportunity. ;-0

  5. WOW. You guys get coupons in the paper for liquor? That doesn't happen here...

    We may open a "special occasion" wine or 2 this evening, & it's not really a special occasion. Just a few friends coming over, but some would say that warrants the title.

  6. Claire, yes it does warrant! Or I could just come home from a difficult day at work, that is a warrant too!