Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kendall-Jackson Vintner's Reserve Estates Grown 2007 Syrah

Kendall-Jackson Vintner's Reserve Estates Grown 2007 Syrah, $11.99-$13.99, 88 points, is a powerful Syrah.
Having a dense purple color with deep ruby hues, this wine is black at the core. Having a pronounced cedar and clove on the nose masking a dense dusty black currant fruit, this portends its richness. Flavors of plum, currant, and a heavy cherry fruit weigh this Syrah down just a bit. This is a medium plus bodied dry red-wine carrying layers of tannin, and finishes strong on powerful red pepper.
If you like your Syrah rich and dense, try this one for not many pesos, but if hot spice is a problem, and you're new to Syrah, then I'd consider the Acorn.

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The "Big" talk around the wine world has been 'The Undercover Boss' Rick Tigner of Kendlall-Jackson. If that interests you, check it out here:


  1. How did this one pair, Dennis? You know hot spice is never a problem for me. But at 88 points I think I'd pass by this one in the store. Thanks for the review.

  2. Ben, I just had some left-overs (Tomorrow it'll be Buffalo-wings) with it, and the wine was fine. For $11 my friend, 88 points is a buy for spicy character like you!

  3. Ben, since you seem at least a bit interested in this wine, let me say that I thought it worth (Expo-fact o) to check and see what others had to say about this wine, and I came up with very little opinion, but WE-SH gave the 2006 (I believe) 90 points; even CellarTracker had no comments on the '07. Now, I have heard that often, such "common" wines are left out of the evaluation process, but that is just something I've heard.
    Ben, do find that sometimes getting a review can be rather a bother, and if so, I hope my Index of reviewed wines is simple and easy to use. I would like to link all of them to the original post, but it is very time consuming.

  4. That's a great note. Nice to see that a reasonably-priced, "mass-produced" wine can still deliver a punch like that!

  5. Bill, if you taste KJ Syrah, I'd be very interested in your review!
    Thanks, Dennis

  6. I'm kind of spoiled by the employee discount I get at work, so I have a hard time paying full retail at another store. But I might be able to make an exception for a good $12 Syrah. I'll definitely pass along my impressions if I get a hold of one.

    1. Just so you know, my son wasn't as pleased with this wine as I was, though as it breathed some he liked it better, but he picked-up on the big tannins without a comment from me. Also, since money is getting hard to come by, let me just ask KJ to send you a bottle: Kendall-Jackson, please send Bill a bottle of your Syrah for review! Thanks!