Friday, April 26, 2013

Acorn Alegria Vineyards Russian River Valley 2006 Sangiovese

Acorn Alegria Vineyards Russian River Valley 2006 Sangiovese, $20.39-$35.99, 90 points, begins pomegranate red with a clear surface rim.
The wax and caramel aroma with hints of fresh sod and alcohol (14.1%) is subtle, but good.
Medium bodied with high acidity and moderate tannin makes for perfect pairing of spicy food, saucy meals, or red meat cuisine; I found it went well with Mexican pizza, but others were not so pleased with its food friendliness.
Heat, spice, and a hint of wood wrap-up a fair whisky-like finish.
Traditionalists may poo-poo this effort, but I'm not one of them, and though not up to the complexity, texture, or sophistication of a Brunello, in its own way meets and surpasses the quality of many Chianti wines I've had.


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  1. A ha! Another 'local' Sangiovese...never heard of this winery, but the wine sounds good. I trust your descriptors.
    Great photo, BTW.

    1. V-girl, you don't sleep?
      Sadly, this is the last represented vineyard of Sangiovese wines I've found, but I'm encouraged to look for more.
      Coming from you, I'm grateful for the photo comment:-)

    2. V-girl, keep in mind that woman have better 'tasters' than men, I'll have to start thinking of U as Vino-Roberta-Parker-girl (Not), U'll find many-more descriptors, and I'm good with that:-)
      Though I take every wine tasting seriously, I try not to be doggie-matic about my hobby!